Most online roulette players have heard of the Martingale system, it's extremely simple but can get you in lots of trouble very quickly. It involves doubling your bet size on the following roulette spin if the previous one lost.  For instance, had you bet £10 on Red and lost, your next bet would be £20 on either colour, if that also lost your next bet would be £40 and so on.

The Hawks roulette method is different, it still involves the doubling of bet sizes but with a slightly different theory, you bet on a colour until it hits, then you switch to the other colour until that hits.

Taking the example above, the Hawk method requires you to place a bet on a colour, eg. £10 on Red.
If that loses you play a bet of £20 on Red again, if it hits you will have a profit of £10 and now need to place £10 on Black.  Follow the system until black hits then switch to Red with the £10 starting bet again.

The following is an example betting pattern which could arise from the Hawks roulette system:

Bet - Colour - Total
10 - R - -10 (lost)
20 - R - -30 (lost)
40 - R - +10 (won - change colour)
10 - B - 0 (lost)
20  -B - +20 (won - change colour)
10 - R - +30 (won - change colour)
10 - B - +40 (won)

As you can see, the Hawks roulette method can be profitable when followed and it's extremely simple to use. It would be advisable to use this system on a Zero Edge roulette wheel with no green zeroes, you can find such a game at Betfair casino online.