Article Guidelines

In order to get your gambling articles approved you must follow a few simple guidelines, failure to do so will result in your article being refused.

This will speed up the process for both you and the editor who reviews it.

Your article:
  1. Must be written in ENGLISH.
  2. Must use proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphs and punctuation.
  3. Must be original content, duplications are not accepted.
  4. Must be informative and/or helpful, eg. tips, guides, reviews, advice.
  5. Must NOT be a press release or self-promotion.
  6. Must NOT have more than 2 links within the article body.
  7. Must NOT have any tags applied to the links, eg. no bold links.
  8. Must NOT include any affiliate links or redirecting links.
  9. Must NOT include excessive use of HTML tags, eg. bold, underline etc.
  10. Must NOT be an article that's already been submitted and approved.
  11. Must NOT include tags; H1, H2 etc., IMG, Javascript, HR.
  • The article Title and Summary MUST NOT contain any HTML.
  • The Title MUST be accurate and correctly capitalised.
You article may be moved to a different category before being approved if it is deemed appropriate.

You will receive an email confirming whether your article has been approved or disapproved along with a reason. You may resubmit the article once you have made the changes required.

We reserve the right to add further guidelines without prior notice, it is your responsibility to make sure your articles are within the guidelines set above at all times.

If you have any suggestions for more restrictions or a modification of any of the above please contact us.


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