If the strategy involved with Pick 4 is properly followed you have a better chance to win in the lottery. It helps to know know about Pick 4 so you can further understand the strategies commonly used by the experts. In Pick 4 there are exactly 10000 combinations. Meaning to win at the game you need to follow some tricks and strategy tips.

In Pick 4 lottery there are 5040 sets with four different digits, 4320 sets with one doubled digit, also 270 sets with 2 doubled digits, as well as 360 sets with 1 triple plus 1 digit and finally there are 10 sets of quads.

It can take a while before you hit a winning straight in Pick 4. You need to remember that there are 10 times more combinations in Pick 4 than in Pick 3 lottery which makes it much tougher. It's advisable to test your Pick 4 strategies on paper before you emabark with real cash, unless of course you have the cash to spare in which case, use the tips straight away for a better chance at winning.

In a Pick 4 lottery the numbers are not selected from one to four as you may have first thought, this can catch out many people who attempt to play. Instead, the numbers are selected from one to nine and you have a 1 in 10000 chance of your entry hitting the right number for you to win the Pick4 lottery and a substancial amount in prizes

Be aware that if you select your numbers via a 24-way box you will see your odds of winning increase to a great degree, this is great news for those players who like to win little but very often.  You will have a 416-1 chance of winning by playing this way,