Although Pokerstars is currently the largest and busiest online poker room they do not offer rakeback, instead they offer an in-house VIP reward system based on points. The points are known as Frequent Player Points (FPPs) and they're designed to reward the most loyal players with cash and gifts of the player's choosing. With the FPP system being tiered it means the players who contribute the most rake to Poker Stars will earn the points faster.

It is very unlikely that you will be able to get Pokerstars rakeback in the future due to the success of their current plan, by choosing FPPs over rake back most players will be sacrificing approximately 5% in payments. This is often overlooked, the maximum return requires you to be in what is known as the "Supernova Elite" VIP group which very few players manage due to the excessive number of hands you need to play. Your level is determined by the number of VPPs you earn in a month, you earn different levels of FPPs for each VPP at each level.

The Pokerstars VIP Club is made up of the following tiers:
  • BronzeStar - Everyone starts on this level
  • SilverStar - Attained at 1,500 VPPs
  • GoldStar - Attained at 4,000 VPPs
  • PlatinumStar - Attained at 10,000 VPPs
  • Supernova - Attained at 100,000 VPPs
  • Supernova Elite - Attained at 1,000,000 VPPs
If you absolutely have to play at Pokerstars then you'll automatically be part of their VIP Club system but there are always alternatives to rakeback on pokerstars which are sometimes a much better option for both the amateur and semi-professional online poker player.