Passoker is the latest revolution in the online gambling industry.

Founded by Stuart Carr and his business partner; the former England, Arsenal and Manchester United football, Viv Anderson, in 2010.  Passoker is an innovative, multi-platform game that capitalises on the booming in-play betting market.

The new game, set for launch in February 2012 allows participating players to be on what will happen next in televised events, including sports and TV programmes.  Passoker is a highly-innovative product and one that will bring a lot of enjoyment to gamers.  It will give players, both online and offline more opportunities to be in a number of new and interesting ways.

Victor Chandler were the first bookmaker to sign a deal with Passoker, back in November.  Following them were JenningsBet, before William Hill became the third and latest bookmaker to sign a deal with the new product.

Bookmakers will be happy with this latest innovation in online gambling as it offers customers the most modern form of sports betting.

Passoker, a real-time gaming product has previously announced a partnership with Opta Sports; the leading sports data supplier.  The agreement enables Passoker to take advantage of a number of Opta products that allows the game to benefit from immediate and accurate feeds and updates.

Opta collects data on around 60,000 sports fixtures each year from over 30 sports in around 70 countries.

Other exciting features in the game are legendary Sky Sports football and darts commentators, Martin Tyler and Sid Waddell.  The white label product offers players an incident-based, non-skill game with numerous in-play betting opportunities  for virtually every sport, as well as a range of television programmes.

Ultimately, Passoker is played on tables of up to ten players with a variety of real-life sporting incidents.  Each player is dealt a card at random, and whichever player has the card of the next incident wins money from the fellow players, depending on what happens in the actual fixture.  Understand?  If not, head over to for rules and an opportunity to test the game yourself!

Great for playing with friends, colleagues and family alike!