So you want to find the best odds possible when it comes to playing roulette, then the following tips might just help. You must remember that roulette tables are designed in a way to give the house advantage, you might bet red or black, but the green position is always close by. Roulette boards have 37 positions and top players learn how to find the best odds when it comes to their position.

Top tips for finding the best odds in roulette:

Play European Roulette Games Online:

Tables of the European design are very important, because they have only one zero position. American roulette has two of these positions which means a double house advantage. So by just selecting a single zero can put you in a great position for the rest of these cool tips.

Track Your Bets:

Roulette is a game of chance that few players can disrupt, yet we can observe probability for better advantage. If you can imagine throwing a dice across a room, then the number four has the same chance as any other number of showing up. Now if you roll the dice again, even though the number four has an equal chance, it's very unlikely that four will follow next.

We can adopt this same principle whilst playing roulette. If you bet in the third section of the board on a set of four positions, then the next time around you can bet that the other two sections will hold the resultant. This is probability at work and something even the game of roulette can't escape.

Play Red and Black Roulette:

Most players mess around with fancy strategies trying to win the game, but really simple basics work best. Red and black roulette is one of the most popular methods played by top gamers. At 50/50 odds, it's probably the most suited for your money.

Bet Small Amounts Of Money:

The longer your money can last at the tables is crucial for winning the game. So lets say you bet massive patterns covering almost every position on the board, if you miss the winner then you lose everything. The best odds favour the players with management, so it's best to bet just five percent of your total.

If you have £60 in your roulette game, then never bet more than £3 in any one spin. This value is important for dealing with winning and losing fluctuation, it's also one of the best tips for finding the best odds possible. Staying at the tables for longer, will increase your chances of hitting the number, especially if you track those numbers carefully.