There are many reason to watch horse racing videos. It is fun and you will learn a great deal about what to look for in a winning horse. Although it is one of the oldest sports in history, horse racing is still popular today and videos of races can be found all over the internet.

Here are some reasons to watch videos of horse races:


People in many sports watch videos of old games, competitions and races to study and improve technique. Watching old races allows you to learn from mistakes made as well as study the situations in which everything went perfectly.

Watching races is especially important for those betting on horses. While you can gather a lot of information from the racing form, there is no substitute to watching the horse run in an actual race.

Watching races allows you to get to know the like and dislikes as well as strengths and weaknesses of the horses you are interested in betting on. This will help you predict winners and tell you when not to bet on a horse based on the track conditions of the day.

In addition, the videos allow you the chance to get to know the jockeys and trainers. Jockeys, like other athletes, have strengths and weaknesses. Some are great with strong, stubborn horses. Others instil confidence in skittish and green horses. You will also get to know the trainers skills based on the horses run under the trainer. All of this information will help you to make better choices when placing your bets.

Watching horse racing videos is also beneficial for jockeys and trainers. Jockeys get a lot of information from watching old races. It tells them the strengths of other jockeys and what strategies they used. It provides insight into the conditions of the track. And it gives them a chance to get to know a new mount. But most importantly, it allows jockeys to examine their own past performances. Jockeys don't have much time to think in the middle of the race, so the chance or examine their race after the fact is invaluable.

Trainers also benefit from watching races because it gives them a chance to see what issues need to be corrected in their horses, what the competition looks like and whether the track conditions are suitable for their horses.


People watch racing videos for the pure enjoyment of it. Horses are extremely powerful, fast and graceful creatures and watching them run and break records is intoxicating.


Passion is one of the best reasons to watch horse racing videos online. New races and old, passion brings constant enjoyment and desire to go deeper into the sport and expand your knowledge of racing and horses.