Traditionally all betting on horse races was done by visiting a racetrack, but the expansion of the internet now allows punters to bet from the comfort of home.

Online betting allows betters to see the action and know the race outcome without leaving their desk.

So how does online betting work?

Many websites allow you to register and create an account. Once your account is set up, you simply deposit some money into the account and place your wager. Your wager is automatically deducted and any winnings are automatically credited to your account.

Not all websites are free, however, some websites charge a monthly and annual fee.

Even though bets are placed online, the rules that apply at the track also apply to online betting. You may continue to place the same types of bets as you would at the track.

Despite the advantages and convenience of betting online, online betting still has its disadvantages.

Unsatisfying Experience

Watching the race on screen does not bring the same satisfaction and enjoyment that can be found at the racetrack, just steps away from the action. Betting on a horse race is not just about winning money on a bet, it is about the entire racing experience.

Small Screen

Viewing the race online limits the amount of the event you are able to see. If the camera is only focusing on the front few horses, you are missing out on what is happening in the rest of the field. Great wins have happened by horses coming from behind (think Secretariat).

Computer Problems

Computers are known for causing problems and delays at inconvenient times. A slow internet connection may cause the live race streaming to become disjointed. Or the betting website may be down and experience errors causing you to miss out on a winning wager. While these issues can never be completely eliminated, a fast computer with a strong and fast internet connection will minimize these issues and improve your betting experience.