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New to Bingo? What to Expect When You Get There
Luke Roberts
By Luke Roberts
Published on December 11, 2011
Here are a few key things you should know about playing online bingo.


Here's a quick run-down of what to expect when you go to play online bingo:

Sign-up Process

It's very easy but be prepared to provide your name, home mailing address, telephone number and email address. It's good to have an of alias or user/screen name thought of ahead of time as well as a solid password for your account as you'll choose these next. 
Usually you'll be given an Account Number or Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.) to use to log in with although some sites still have you use your Alias. You will immediately be sent an email with your Log-in information. Then you just go to the site, log-in, and enjoy your free trial

One Account Per Household

Most sites only allow one account per household or I.P. address (your computer connection's unique number) but some sites will allow two accounts per computer but ONLY one account per person. This rule is to to reduce fraud and "bonus abuse" where people have signed up for dozens of accounts to try to take advantage of bonus offers to try to play for free.

Sign-up and Deposit Bonuses

You'll likely be given a sign-up bonus of 100% - 500% of your first deposit. If you deposit $50 you'll get $100-$250 to play with.
Here is a useful tool for calculating your bingo bonus:

There are always strings attached and the strings are usually in the form of wagering requirements. You may be required to wager anywhere from 1X to 20X your deposit before you can cash out. Sometimes the wagering requirement can INCLUDE the bonus you're given. *ALWAYS READ THE TERMS OF THE BONUS you are given.

If you are given "free" money to play without making a deposit you can not win real money with it. You must make a deposit to win anything.


The most common options for making a deposit into your bingo account are credit cards, debit cards and various eWallet services. Credit card companies are sometimes reluctant to accept charges from gaming sites but I`ve never had any troubles deposting to play bingo.  eWallets are a good option for most people. and eWallets are also the easiest method for cashing out winnings. When depositing, you may also have options for which currencies you'd like to play with.

Cashing Out

Always read the site's cashout policy and rules and understand them.

Here's a list of some rules you might find:
- meet wagering requirements
- send in copies of picture identification, utility bill and credit card if you used one to deposit. (These only need to be done the first time you cash out.)
- only one withdrawl per week or month
- minimum withdrawl of $20-$50
- withdrawls limited to a certain amount per month
- withdrawls only processed on a particular day of a week
- must have made a deposit in last week, month etc.
- maybe fees associated with your withdrawl

The requirements can many and a bit annoying but are there for three reasons:

1. to keep you playing and depositing, but also
2. to protect you, and
3. to protect the company.

You'll usually have options as to how you get your money. Bank Transfers, cheque, and eWallets are the most common. eWallets are usually fastest and the simplest.

Enjoy and Good Luck.

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